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I enjoy food, and am always looking for new flavors that stimulate my taste buds. MIC-B’s SPICY All-Purpose Sauce does that! I purchased it at a Paula Deen event and thought of it as a Barbeque sauce. My first use was on grilled chicken, my family was thrilled and we were addicted. I’ve used it instead of mustard in both my potato salad, and deviled eggs - the results were amazing! I used it as a midnight snack dipping regular potato chips and crunchy cheetos in the sauce. We used it in our slow cooker pulled pork recipe (the first change in this family recipe for over 20 years) there were no left overs! This is more than a Barbeque sauce, it is an ALL-PURPOSE SAUCE! In our house it has taken the place of mustard and even Dijon mustard – try it instead of Dijon in your next vinaigrette-awesome! I want more, it will be a staple in my frig like mayo, ketchup, mustard, and dressings! I c! an’t wait to try it in more old family recipes. My goal - to get it in stores in Georgia. Thank you! This is the best thing I have tasted in years! Can't get enough.

                                                           Terri Campen, Sparta, Georgia

I highly recommend Mike B’s Spicy Sauce to everyone who wants that moment when cooking or a particular food needs that special “something” to spice it up. I love the fact that I can put it on any food or dish and it just spices up the taste bud. Once you have tasted the ‘dippin’ sauce baby, you are sure to come back for more. Feel free to place my testimonial on your web page or anywhere. I am truly 110% satisfied with Mike B’s Spicy Sauce and once you’ve try it you will be too!
                                                                                    Stephanie Shells

This is one sauce that I know will be on the shelves in the grocery stores and even served in restaurants everywhere. After you have tasted it you will certainly know why…it’s delicious on every dish. Buy it and experience the taste of it for yourself…incredible.

                                                                   Tammy Vernette

I am happy to say how impressed I am with the fact that this sauce is finally making it to the market. It is going to be a treat for so many people who will have the opportunity to taste this sauce. This sauce has been a well kept secret that is about to be revealed to the world. All I can say is that everything that you put Mike B’s Spicy Sauce on turns out great and makes you want to come back for more.  
                                                                           Siobhan Ariella

When Mike gave me my first sample of the sauce, he also offered many suggestions on things that I could try it on. Whether you put it on turkey, beef, pork, seafood, chicken, vegetables, chips, or any food you desire. Mike B’s Spicy Sauce is the sauce for all foods. Truly, it makes all dishes come alive in your mouth.         

                                                                                     Broderick Little


This sauce is the model sauce for the rest of the world because you can use it on everything you eat. Warning! This sauce can become addicting once you have tried it.
                                                                                     Anderson James

Buying one bottle of this sauce will never be enough, because you don’t want to run out of it. You will want one bottle for yourself and a bottle for family and friends when they come over to visit. It spices up the food you are preparing and makes everyone rave over it. Mike B’s Spicy Sauce is made with quality ingredients…it is Superb!        

                                                                                  Evangeline Millicent


My family and I enjoy the great test of Mic. B’s spicy sauce. My husband enjoys cooking for our family and grilling out is his specialty.  He uses Mic. B’s sauce for added taste that makes our mouths water for more.  Also, our children made a tasty discovery by using Mic. B’s sauce on chicken tenders, potato chips and sandwich spreads etc.  The more we experiment the more we enjoy the great test of Mic. B’s sauce.  We’ve share the secret with our friends and now they too enjoy the great taste of Mic. B’s sauce.
                                                                                 Ranae Mack-Brown


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