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Michael A. Brown Sr. is a people person. He loves God and people and his joy comes from being around others, making them smile, motivating them, and helping them follow their dreams. That love and passion for motivating others is what keeps him going and has compelled him to write a book and create one of the best dipping sauces on the market. The all-around guy loves to cook and he loves gospel music, instrumental jazz, bike riding, eating right, and exercising, which has become a way of life for him. He says, “It’s no longer an option but a requirement to eat right and exercise. It’s not how much you eat but what you eat that matters.” Born in Durham, NC, Michael was raised in South Carolina in the home with his mother, father, and five siblings. He currently resides in Sumter, SC where he works at Eaton Electric. His motto is: It’s too small to be a problem. His goals are to continue to write and publish books, to work as a motivational speaker, and to have his dipping sauce in the pantry of every home in South Carolina and beyond by the grace of God.

Michael Brown knows his way around a kitchen. He loves to cook and create delectable recipes. More than 15 years ago, he put together a blend of spices for a special turkey recipe. Everyone who tasted the turkey absolutely loved it. Trying to find a way to share this mouth-watering dish with others, Michael started exploring ideas of just how to do that. He prayed about it and God allowed him to see a television advertisement for a company that accepts invention submissions. He gave them a call and within two days, he had an appointment with company representatives to share his idea. Well, he learned that he couldn’t patent the turkey but he certainly could patent his tasty blend of spices in what would become Mic-B’s Spicy Sauce. The product was patented and approved by the FDA and the rest is history.   


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